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    LASER558 40th Anniversary Documentary LASER558 40th Anniversary Documentary



LASER558 Advertising

Listeners of the original LASER558 will remember those iconic advertisements from Virgin Atlantic, Kontiki Holidays, Bose Speakers, and Computer Inside Magazine. You may also remember adverts for slimming pills, Ex-Rental TVs, and VHS recorders. If you do, then those advertisements did their job, and they did the job well if you still remember them after 40 years! Advertising on Laser558 is a very reasonable way to get your brand out there, so why not give it a go?

How does radio advertising work? It’s all about repetition, building response rates over time. So the key to success in radio advertising is to advertise as often as possible. Industry research shows that listeners are far more likely to consider and act on a message heard repeatedly, which means more store or online visits and more sales. Our packages maximise your exposure and build strong local awareness.

LASER558 provides excellent radio advertising for customers in all industries and at all levels. Whether you are a little business or a major corporation, we provide the same professional quality service, and our experienced advertising staff will work with you to ensure that your commercials reach your target audience and are broadcast at the optimal times. We can also create and manufacture advertisements, minimising your management workload and saving you money.

As a non-profit organisation, we rely on the generosity of our supporters to continue providing services to the community. You will also help us apply for, get, and maintain an Ofcom Small Scale DAB Licence, allowing us to provide cost-effective advertising to local companies. When you advertise or cooperate with us, you are investing in LASER558, which allows us to continue broadcasting.

Our target demographic is over 40 years old, has a high discretionary income, and makes life decisions, but they also enjoy having fun and taking risks. We are in their homes, offices, automobiles, and minds, eager to hear your message. The facts speak for themselves.

• Radio is the fastest growing medium, with a growth rate of 12.5%, outpacing the whole market.

• 88% of Americans listen to the radio at least once a week, with 63% doing so on a digital or internet medium.

• 68% of individuals listen to radio at home, while 64% listen while driving and 22% listen at work.

• 32% of adults actively interact with their radio station online, mostly via social media.

With prices starting at just £199 per month for ads heard every day, advertising on Laser558 offers excellent value for your business. As far as production goes, we offer two solutions. You can either send us your pre-made advertisement, as long as it meets licencing guidelines and quality, or we can dry-read your advert for you or place it over a royalty-free music bed. Either way, we charge no extra production costs, so all you pay is the rate on the cards below.

Why not test the response with a special offer in your ad and see how radio advertising brings customers to your business? Browse through our Rate Cards, then use the form at the bottom of the page to get in touch with us or email us directly at

100 spots/mth from £199

3x 30 seconds spots per day, run of schedule (6am-9pm)

Commitment                            12 Months                   6 Months                  3 Months
Per Month                                 £199                              £299                         £399
Total Spots                                1200                               600                            300
Per Spot                                   £1.99                              £2.99                        £3.99

200 spots/mth from £299

7x 30 seconds spots per day, run of schedule (6am-9pm)

Commitment                            12 Months                   6 Months                  3 Months
Per Month                                 £299                              £449                         £599
Total Spots                                2400                               1200                           600
Per Spot                                   £1.50                              £2.24                        £3.00

400 spots/mth from £399

13x 30 seconds spots per day, run of schedule (6am-9pm)

Commitment                            12 Months                   6 Months                  3 Months
Per Month                                 £399                              £599                         £399
Total Spots                                4800                               2400                           600
Per Spot                                   £1.00                              £1.50                        £2.99

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