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LASER558 is currently a non-commercial station. We are commercial-free, 24/7 and rely on the support of you, our listeners, to maintain and operate the station. While we would love to attract advertisers, the advertisements that you hear are for nostalgic purposes only, and we receive no money from them. LASER558 is owned by LASER558 Limited, a non-profit organisation. Any money we are lucky to attract gets put back into the station to offset the costs of running the station, streaming and hosting costs, and to cover music royalties that we are required to pay so we can continue to bring you all the hits, all the time.

As you can imagine, it costs a large amount of money to run a radio station. We have ongoing broadcast and studio costs, website hosting, ongoing costs to deliver LASER558 to various platforms, and a long list of other costs. Our plans to broadcast on DAB+ Radio will significantly increase those costs. So, you can see what a difference your contributions can make over a month or year. For example; £100 will keep our apps going for a month. £20 will keep one of our streams going for a month. £200 will allow us to broadcast on DAB+ Radio, in one area, for a month. £10 will keep the website running for a month.

As a supporter of LASER558, you’ll be helping us to continue broadcasting and will be helping to spread the word of a radio station that changed the face of broadcasting, that played more music than any other radio station, and we will promise to keep the music never more than a minute away.

Please give what you can afford…

We use PayPal as a secure way for you to support us. You can click on a pre-defined amount or select ‘Other’ to give however much you want.

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